Executive Summary

  • Immuno-oncology
    is one of the most lucrative, rapidly growing and “hungry” biomedical markets today (licensing after phase II clinical trial $1-2.4B). Nobel Prize 2018 was awarded for immuno-oncology.
  • CureLab Oncology,
    Inc. is a clinical-stage biotech company headquartered in Boston.
  • The lead product is Elenagen, an immuno-oncology biological agent
    • Unique mechanism of action
    • Comprehensive IP protection and no competition
    • Successfully completed phase I/IIa clinical trial demonstrating:
      • high safety
      • encouraging clinical benefits for “salvage patients” with actively progressing tumors
      • Elenagen can be used in combination with and enhance other treatment modalities
  • CureLab is seeking investors and/or partners for licensing/M&A:
    • Licensing Elenagen globally or regionally
        • Testing Elenagen in combination with partner’s targeted oncology agent
    • Investment $15 - 20M for completing phase II in the USA and licensing, anticipated time to exit: 36 months