• Plasmids constitute a main trend in biologicals in clinical studies today

  • Chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC)

    • High technological yield, low cost
    • Simple quality control and regulatory processes
    • Highly scalable manufacturing
    • Manufacturing partner, Aldevron, Inc. (Fargo, ND), the world leader in plasmid manufacturing
    • High stability: kept frozen, shell life is more than 3 years

    • Easy application: intramuscular injections

The grade of a tumor — the cancer grade — is an indication of how quickly it is likely to grow and spread.
Tumors of higher grades are more resistant to treatment modalities.
Elenagen reverts/reduces the tumor grade (data in spontaneous canine mammary cancers):
The tumor grade was reverted in 5 dogs out of 6
In 1 case out of 6 the tumor was reverted to a non-cancerous state
Pts # Before After
1 SC +++ TP++
2 TP ++ TP +
3 SC+++ SC+++
4 SC+++ CC++
6 TP++ CC+

SC: solid carcinoma; TP : tubulo-papillary carcinoma; CC: complex carcinoma; TPA: tubulo-papillary adenoma.

Elenagen elevates expression of alpha-smooth muscle actin (alpha-SMA).
The higher the expression of stromal proteins, including alpha-SMA is, the lower the risk of a tumor is.

Evaluation of the intratumoral stromal content of alpha-sma
A) before
B) after p62 DNA treatment
Elenagen changes intratumoral extracellular matrix and elevates expression of collagen 3 (Col 3).
High level of Col3 in the tumor is associated with positive disease prognosis.

Evaluation of Col.I and Col 3 expression in tumor biopsies in tumor extracellular matrix
A) before
B) after p62 DNA treatment
Chronic inflammation plays a key role in the initiation and progression of cancer pathogenesis
Elenagen inhibits systemic chronic inflammation
Sabbieti et al. Plasmid DNA-coding p62 as a bone effective anti-inflammatory/ anabolic agent
Oncotarget 6 (6):3590-3599 (2015)
Many chemotherapies, radiation therapies and immune therapies involve the adaptive immune system.
Tumor microenvironment inactivates adaptive immunity protecting cancer cells and promoting metastatic process.
Elenagen alters tumor microenvironment enhancing effects of other therapies including chemo- and immunotherapies.