• Plasmids constitute a main trend in biologicals in clinical studies today

  • Chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC)

    • High technological yield, low cost
    • Simple quality control and regulatory processes
    • Highly scalable manufacturing
    • Manufacturing partner, Aldevron, Inc. (Fargo, ND), the world leader in plasmid manufacturing
    • High stability: kept frozen, shell life is more than 3 years

    • Easy application: intramuscular injections

The grade of a tumor — the cancer grade — is an indication of how quickly it is likely to grow and spread.
Tumors of higher grades are more resistant to treatment modalities.
Elenagen™ reverts/reduces the tumor grade (data in spontaneous canine mammary cancers):
The tumor grade was reverted in 5 dogs out of 6
In 1 case out of 6 the tumor was reverted to a non-cancerous state
Pts # Before After
1 SC +++ TP++
2 TP ++ TP +
3 SC+++ SC+++
4 SC+++ CC++
6 TP++ CC+

SC: solid carcinoma; TP : tubulo-papillary carcinoma; CC: complex carcinoma; TPA: tubulo-papillary adenoma.

Elenagen™ elevates expression of alpha-smooth muscle actin (alpha-SMA).
The higher the expression of stromal proteins, including alpha-SMA is, the lower the risk of a tumor is.

Evaluation of the intratumoral stromal content of alpha-sma
A) before
B) after p62 DNA treatment
Elenagen™ changes intratumoral extracellular matrix and elevates expression of collagen 3 (Col 3).
High level of Col3 in the tumor is associated with positive disease prognosis.

Evaluation of Col.I and Col 3 expression in tumor biopsies in tumor extracellular matrix
A) before
B) after p62 DNA treatment
Chronic inflammation plays a key role in the initiation and progression of cancer pathogenesis
Elenagen™ inhibits systemic chronic inflammation
Sabbieti et al. Plasmid DNA-coding p62 as a bone effective anti-inflammatory/ anabolic agent
Oncotarget 6 (6):3590-3599 (2015)
Many chemotherapies, radiation therapies and immune therapies involve the adaptive immune system.
Tumor microenvironment inactivates adaptive immunity protecting cancer cells and promoting metastatic process.
Elenagen™ alters tumor microenvironment enhancing effects of other therapies including chemo- and immunotherapies.