Comparative Medicine and Veterinary Research

The positive effect of Elenagen was demonstrated in pilot studies on dogs and cats with spontaneous tumors of different localizations. In some cases, the use of Elenagen led to a full recovery of the animals.

Our pilot study on dogs and cats diagnosed with cancer followed preclinical studies in laboratory animals challenged with sarcoma, breast cancer, melanoma and lung carcinoma. In addition, a full scope of safety and preclinical toxicity studies was completed.

In companion animals, Elenagen has demonstrated the highest promise for unresectable tumors with no option of surgical intervention.

Treatment with Elenagen resulted in reduction of tumor size, tumor disintegration from surrounding tissues, and/or tumor encapsulation—which in some cases made tumors resectable. Furthermore, according to the preliminary results, the administration of Elenagen after tumor resections prevents tumor recurrence and metastasis development.

For veterinary oncologists and pet owners interested in participating in pilot and/or pivotal studies in the USA, Israel, EU and other countries, please inquire at: or 1-609-841-1201.