April 29, 2020

CureLab Oncology’s Dr. Alex Shneider Publishes Paper: Can Melatonin Reduce the Severity of COVID-19?

Melatonin may prevent the development of severe disease symptoms in coronavirus patients, reduce the severity of their symptoms, and/or reduce the immuno-pathology of coronavirus infection on patients’ health after the active phase of the infection is over
January 20, 2020
A Disruptive Approach to Oncology Therapy Development

A Disruptive Approach to Oncology Therapy Development

CureLab Oncology CEO Alex Shneider’s lament is a biopharma industry that exhibits little appetite for those discoveries made while coloring outside the lines
November 10, 2020

CureLab Oncology Establishes Operations in Europe

CureLab is expanding its global presence with a new office from which it will base operations in the European Union; Ricarda Cramer joins as business development director
January 22, 2021

CureLab Oncology Launches Veterinary Oncology Subsidiary, CureLab Veterinary

Based on a scientifically solid proof of concept in dogs and cats, an international IP portfolio, and a comprehensive scientific advisory board that includes key opinion leaders and experienced management, CureLab Veterinary intends to raise initial financing through a crowdfunding campaign set to launch within a month, and to become profitable within 36 months of raising funds.
March 15, 2021

CureLab Oncology adds Hong Kong to expanding scope of patent protection

Patent registration in Hong Kong paves the way to establishing business operations in PRC
June 30, 2021

CureLab Oncology Submits Patent for COVID Therapeutic Ahead of Phase I Clinical Trials

CureLab Oncology intends to determine whether its Elenagen DNA vaccine can be used to reduce severity, mortality and life-threatening post-COVID complications.